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The Grand Emerald Tower has become a considerable landmark in the business district of Ortigas. Its majestic and towering heights seamlessly blends with the rest of the high rise structures in the place, mostly business offices and while are residential towers as well. Apart from the fact that this vertical residential tower is blessed to be situated in the midst of important government offices and establishments, Cathay Land equally provided a good list of amenities for all residents to enjoy.

These amenities and facilities are great addition to the built-in goodness of the place:

Swimming Pool: There are two available pools for the exclusive use of the residents. One is dedicated for adults and the other one is for children. With the availability of the pool, families could stay and spend their weekend bonding moments here. Nice place for most employed people to unwind, equally great to win friends. Residents are free to utilize this facility anytime of the day since this is part of an indoor, on-deck facility. Adults may swim around with the kids since the adult pool is just beside the kiddie pools. 

Children's Play Area: Well maintained, clean and absolutely safe for children to enjoy. It is obviously a great place for children to learn independence and the appreciate value of friendship with other kids.

Sauna: Having a sauna within the tower helps promote healthy living. This is also a nice relaxation for employed residents. Sauna services operates within a prescribed duration so it would be best to inquire on this services with the information counter.

Laundry Area: This will allow residents to get through their daily laundry services needs done without going outside the premises of the tower.

Function Room: Very ideal for family affairs like birthdays, anniversaries and wedding celebrations within the exclusivity and privacy of the 4 walls of the function room.

Information Counter: All inquiries can be easily directed or done through the information counter personnel. This will facilitate exchange of correct information faster in a safer manner.

Administration Office: All complaints and requests can be done through the field admin office. This will facilitate faster communications between the residents and the building administration.

Gym: This is a common area that can be shared by tower residents. It is nice to know that health and fitness conscious residents don’t have to go outside to spend their daily gym time. This is a great place for people to win friends while enjoying our in-house facilities.

24 hour Security: Everyone’s security at the Grand Emerald Tower is very important and it has been a top priority that the management is trying to address. By putting a 24/7 security monitoring, this promise gets fulfilled day after day.

Viewing Deck: The top viewing deck allow residents to have a better skyline view of the entire Metro Manila without leaving the premises of the tower. This is a very nice family bonding place at night or anytime of the day whenever desired.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Male & Female Sauna
  • Function Room
  • Gym
  • Children's Play Area
  • Viewing Deck / Jogging Area
  • Information Counter
  • Administration Office
  • Building Directory
  • Laundry Area
  • 24-Hour Association Security
  • 4 Elevators
  • Refuse Chute
  • AFSS / Fire Alarm System
  • Emergency Power Back-Up System For Common Area
  • CCTV at The Lobby
  • Cable TV Provision / MATV
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Individual Mailbox
  • Car Ramp Signalling System
  • Underground & Elevated Water Tank
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